Halifax Rescue 57 Canada is focused on the retrieval of the Halifax aircraft and the stories and memerabilia so we may share this with the world
This is a Pin worn by an Royal Canadadian air force piolet.
 Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) Donate, and Hep us retrieve these great war machine that helped us end World War II.


Mission & Vision



Bless you Brother Irvin


Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) is dedicated to preserving the Handley Page Halifax bomber aircraft and its international heritage earned during the critical and victorious air combat operations of World War Two.


Not only are we actively raising the financial support, through corporate and public sponsorship, to find and recover RCAF and RAF Halifax LW170 “our holy grail of aircraft” (ditched and intact in deep waters north-west of Donegal, Ireland) but we are also going worldwide to locate, retrieve, and rebuild all Halifax bomber aircraft parts and artifacts.


We are directly affiliated and partners with the BOMBER COMMAND MUSEUM of CANADA in our mission to save and preserve Halifax bombers.




All of these activities of our historic group, in the form of saving of Halifax aircraft, are the ultimate tribute to our bomber crews of the RCAF and RAF who flew, fought, and sacrificed so much, so we could have Freedom and peace.

Study and remember this:


Over 60% of the (10,659) RCAF Canadian airmen killed-in-action in bombers were flying in combat in their beloved HALIFAX.

28,000 of the 40,000 bomber combat flights done by the Canadian squadrons of the RCAF, in the British RAF Bomber Command, were flown from the UK on the HALIFAX.


Over 60% of the (1592) RAF British airmen killed-in-action while transferred and flying with the Canadian RCAF bomber squadrons, were flying the HALIFAX.


Over 60% of the (840) “RCAF Americans” killed-in-action, who volunteered to fly for Canada and joined the RCAF, were flying the HALIFAX bomber.


The facts are obvious and the numbers so compelling that to any student of history and person who appreciates their Freedom of today can see that this precious liberty was won for you over 70 years ago by young warriors whose average age 21! And they flew the HALIFAX.


So if we were to select one, just one aircraft of Bomber Command, that symbolizes this great and honourable effort and sacrifice of our bomber crews, that especially ties together the nations of Canada, the USA, and the UK with a common bond of our lost young aircrews then surely it must be the HALIFAX, above all others, that we would seek out and preserve in memory of our bomber boys of our 3 nations.


We hope you will join us in our journey and support us in this world-wide quest to bring all things Halifax and her glorious heritage back to our people as the ultimate tribute for our bomber boys of Canada, the USA, and the UK.





70 years ago the Handley Page Halifax Was used as a bomber in WW2 against Hitler. Many of the  Halifax Aircraft are still accessible with time, patience and funding.


We will raise funds to research, retrieve, restore, and display the Halifax aircraft. through part of the research we find out a magnificent amount of details about the the crew, bombing runs, and the final piece of where the aircraft may be located. We will share all our information once we have collected and verified all content, and if necessary contact the living families of the and crew we might find.


Our vision is to see several of the Handley Page Halifax on display in many different location throughout the globe. Sharing the importance of a great war machine


Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) is dedicated to preserving the Halifax and its international heritage and is actively raising the financial support, through corporate and public sponsorship, to find and recover Halifax LW170.

Successful Recovery of the Halifax NA337

The photo (Left) is of Halifax NA337, a Halifax bomber recovered from Lake Mjosa, Norway in 1995.

Karl Kjarsgaard was the project manager for the recovery.

This is an Excerpt from the Bless you Brother Irvin

You may order this book through the Publishing house listed below.


John A. Neal

isbn 1-894263-94-4

$19.95 (plus shipping and handling)


The Caterpillar Club. Ever heard of it? It's very exclusive. To belong, you must jump out of a doomed airplane and save your life by parachute.


 Writes John Neal, “Thousands of airmen, and a few airwomen, number among the most highly treasured souvenirs of their service a tiny caterpillar badge. . . . Today the walls of an office of the Irvin Industries factory at Letchworth, Hartfordshire, England, and Belleville, Ontario, are lined with steel filing cabinets containing the records of tens of thousands of airmen of all nations who have escaped death by jumping with an IRVIN parachute.” Switlik Parachute Company was another supplier of parachutes during earlier periods, and the company still has many Caterpillar stories in their archives.


 Neal has compiled the stories of some of these survivors. Starting with Dolly Shepherd, a pioneer Caterpillar who bailed out in 1906, we read accounts of men and women who made daring, astonishing, and even bizarre escapes from burning airplanes and hot air balloons. Some of them ended up as prisoners of war; others escaped capture, but were injured; still others were saddened when their mates did not survive. There are even stories of free fall from great heights—and men such as Alan Magee and Nicholas Alkemade who lived to tell us about it.


Bless You, Brother Irvin is a big Thank You to Leslie Irvin, who developed the parachute system, and to all those unknown men and women who packed the parachutes that have saved so many lives.


 And this thank you is also expressed in the way that the majority of revenue from this book will be donated to the Halifax Project of "Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada)". An organization with a successful history of wartime Halifax bomber recoveries, "Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada)" is planning to raise  RCAF Halifax LW170 from the deep sea west of the Hebrides Islands in 2006, and bring it to the  Nanton, Alberta bomber museum for restoration and display. The story can be read at www.57rescuecanada.com.




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