Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada)

We urgently need Corporate and personal sponsors for these historic projects and below are 4 ways you can help us keep our Halifax Projects going:


1) Donate funds to Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) via the postal services

see our 2 addresses available at the end of this report. Make cheques out to “Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada)”.


2) Try our New PAYPAL internet payment method for all who have purchased or contributed online (via your PAYPAL account) to our worthy and honourable charity. Go to our website www.57rescuecanada.com

and see the golden “DONATE” button which immediately donates these funds to our cause from anywhere in the world (if you have a PAYPAL account!)


3) Donate your unused stocks, bonds, and securities to our Halifax 57 Rescue Royal Bank Discount Brokerage

account and receive a “full market value” tax receipt credit for the donation of these securities. You will NOT have to pay income tax on the profit portion side of this transfer and donation. You receive full tax deductible credit for said donation. It is a win-win for all concerned.


4) Purchase a beautiful limited edition signed print of our Halifax LW170 “INVINCIBLE ITEM” for ($165.00 including postage) or an unsigned print for ($60.00 including postage). This has to be one of the finest prints of a combat Halifax that has ever been produced. We still have half of the 500 signed prints available to all you Halifax fans. See www.57rescuecanada.com for all our Halifax print information